Logbook Stories

from my "Standard Pilot Master Log"


As a student & Private pilot:

  1. How and Where It All Started
  2. An Icy Winter Wonderland
  3. A Lesson Learning Good Judgment
  4. The Little Grass Green Airplane
  5. I Get High On Extracurriculars
  6. Making the World Go Around
  7. Was I Intercepted By Phantoms?
  8. Training In High Performance
  9. My First Instructor Was a Girl

As a flight instructor & charter pilot:

  1. I Soloed Large Rodger In a Little Airplane
  2. An Icy Airplane Flops Onto a Snowy Runway
  3. The FAA Is Always Right
  4. My First Real Emergency
  5. Cheap Athletic Director Jeopardizes Team
  6. A Flight Breaks Forth In Song
  7. The First Time I Lost My Colleagues
  8. My Most Memorable Airplane
  9. Pilot RON in the Girls' Dorm
  10. Tryout for Life As a Freight Dog
  11. Formation Flying: Hard But Fun
  12. How High Can a Cessna 150 Fly?
  13. Lightning Strikes and Gets Pilot a Tip
  14. I Parked My Airplane In a Blimp Hangar
  15. Oscar and I Frighten the Golfers
  16. Passengers Who Never Complain
  17. What Does a CFI Do for Fun?

As a corporate pilot:

  1. My First Time In the Box I Crashed
  2. Logbooks Record More Than Flight Time
  3. Right-Seater For a Lear Test Pilot
  4. A Famous Person Passenger
  5. We Came Home With Lobsters Onboard
  6. Un Viaje para Practicar Mi Español
  7. I Miss Merrill C Meigs
  8. Ribs, Ducks and the Blues
  9. A Hound Dog in Memphis
  10. Pilots Make Cheap Tourists
  11. We Dropped the Passenger Masks
  12. Amazing Night Flight Sights
  13. I Got Hugs From Kathy
  14. I Lost Another Two Colleagues
  15. A Pilot Logbook Story About a Boat
  16. We Beat Out the Blizzard of '93
  17. Documenting Historical Events
  18. You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine
  19. I Never Raced at LeMans, But I Landed There
  20. Portable Hobbies for Pilot Layovers
  21. When the Passenger Is a Pilot
  22. Former Students Who Made Good
  23. Corporate Pilots Go for Lunch
  24. Beating the Winter Blahs
  25. Bringing Home the Beer
  26. Revisiting Ottowa By Proxy
  27. My Mentor Was Captain Epicure


References for Non-Pilots: