Logbook Stories

from my "Standard Pilot Master Log"


Logbooks Record More Than Flight Time

April 25, 1986

Pilot logbooks can record more than just the pilot's flight statistics: hours, aircraft type, flight conditions, endorsements, recency checks, etc. They can be used to record career milestones. As I recorded on the date shown above, finally making full line captain with my company. After multiple staff reductions and base personnel relocations, my choice was to stay were I was, which probably delayed my promotion. But finally make captain I did, and recorded such in my logbook.

So there's really not much of a story here, other than how my logbook was used to notate my aviation career. And again, to reiterate a point made in another of my stories, it's ink pen on paper, and can't be electronically altered, and doesn't depend upon faulty memory. It happened on that date, and there it is; a permanent record.



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