Logbook Stories

from my "Standard Pilot Master Log"


The Little Grass Green Airplane

July 13, 1974

I don't suppose these days it would actually be a technically correct tailwheel endorsement, but I think after 50 years any FAA types that would find issue with Larry's sign-off would at least be long-ago retired if not actually deceased. But there it is, my tailwheel endorsement, accomplished in Larry's Bellanca Citabria 7ECA, one of two airplanes owned by a flying club I joined after getting my Private license to build some hours.

And yes, it really was a rather putrid shade of grass green, much like the Citabria pictured below, but that same shade of grass green was just pure bliss when it was the green of real grass that the main gear wheels were gently kissing upon landing on a grass strip. There's nothing quite like grass runways!! Great fun, but also great experience to prepare me for teaching short and soft field takeoff and landing techniques to my students within the next couple years.

As were, I think, the spins and other extra-curricular flight maneuvers one could do in a Citabria. Well, the spins were anyway. With my Citabria experience I later became the designated spin endorsement instructor for my flight school's CFI students. Flying experience is never wasted, even when done just for fun.



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