Logbook Stories

from my "Standard Pilot Master Log"


Pilot RON in the Girls' Dorm

October 17-18, 1977

One of the FBO's regular charter customers was a gentleman whose business was seeking out and acquiring funding grants for small private colleges. (In this story, we'll call him "Mr. B"). One such client of his was a small college in a small town in Northwest Iowa. We had been there previously on day trips, but this trip was to be an overnight layover, and then on to another college town the next morning.

Charter clients are usually responsible for their pilots' layover expenses. Mr. B was a nice enough guy, made a good passenger, but he was cheaper than Jack Benny. Since he knew that my grandmother lived in the destination town, because I'd mentioned to him before that I'd gone to see her while there, he just assumed that my RON arrangements were covered, because I was going to have my meals and sleep overnight at grandma's!! No, that's not how we work these things. I need a room reservation.

So, what does Mr. B do? He arranges with the college for me to eat at the commons and stay overnight in the girls' dormitory guest room!! With college girls going nuts knowing there's a single male pilot in the residence hall. Unless you've been there (you college educated ladies know this) college girls scream pretty much most of the night. Even staying sheltered in my room, it was impossible to get a good night's sleep. Important for a pilot who needs to be alert the next day!!

The next RON trip for Mr. B I arranged my own motel reservation. And he got billed for it.



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