Logbook Stories

from my "Standard Pilot Master Log"


A Famous Person Passenger

March 20, 1987

One of the fun parts of flying passengers is that sometimes you have one that's famous or important in some way, and as a charter or corporate pilot you're going to have direct interaction with your passengers. One such trip that was especially memorable for me was so because my "first career" was in radio broadcasting, and my famous passenger on this trip was Paul Harvey.

Mr. Harvey was a personal friend of the gentleman whose company owned the airplane we provided pilot service for. We picked up Mr. Harvey in Chicago at Meigs airport and then flew him and the owner on to Detroit for some kind of General Motors event. Then flew the reverse legs afterwards to return him to Chicago.

I can verify that Mr. Harvey was as much of a personable and distinguished gentleman in person as he came across on the air. And yes, he also sounded live and in person exactly as he sounded on the air.



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